Nov 14, 2010

Onabee in Kensington and Lark in Daylesford

Two stores I have visited lately and bought things for Miss Moo (6yrold) and Miss C (our 1 year old) are Onabee in Kensington and Lark in Daylesord

I love the Fabric Russian Dolls and Fiona from Onabee in Kensington custom made a set for Miss Moo in fabric from Saffron Craig
picture of the Fabric below

Source: Saffron Craig Parrot fabric

Source: Onabee - you can see the three Russian Dolls in Fabric to the left of the photo

I absolutely love Lark in Daylesford and their online store is fantastic, full of goodies.
Miss Moo loves the Mushroom Mouse House from Lark
See below
Toadstool House with Mice
Source: Lark

Another of my faves for this cloudy Monday in Melbourne is this cake, I really love the cake bunting (this is from etsy) it is a fantastic idea and would like to do this for Missy Moo's birthday on Saturday
Source: Kiki La Rue Shop on Etsy

Monday inspiration continued

I love Paper Straws...

Source: Snippet and Ink

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