Dec 20, 2010

Silver and Sage Christmas + 100 Below + Cherry, Lime Iced covered bottle

All pictures from Habitually Chic

As said in my previous post GF (whom is a buyer for nice store!!) in Fashion has given me a challenge of finding a complete outfit for under $100!! this is today's online finds $34.95 from here

Shoes $20 both online and in shop from here
Cuff  from Etsy which is $36.99 here

or this vintage cuff from Etsy (they post to Australia) $42.99 which is here
or this one $18.00 from Etsy on Sale which is here

So my complete outfit is Black Dres $34.99 + $20 shoes (they have more sizes in store) + Vintage Etsy Cuff $42.99 = $97.98!

Love this idea, might try it for Christmas..

And Lastly  I loved this idea DIY Ice Bottle Cooler for Christmas from Celebrations at Home, instructions here 

Also love the star ice shapes

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