Feb 25, 2012

Velvet Lily Florist is gorgeous.....- "Bread feeds the body, indeed, but flowers also feed the soul" Where to see beautiful flowers..

Styling by PS I Love You - flowers by Velvet Lily Florist
Flowers by Velvet Lily photography by Wildberry Studios
Flower bag by Velvet Lily photography by Wildberry Studio and Design

Flowers by Velvet Lily photography by Amy Oliver Photographer

I am so excited with working together with Velvet Lily Florist, we had a meeting on Friday and I am very excited about the creations and indeed work of art that the team has planned for the Magic Faraway Tree Party, a Silver and Pink Wedding and the Adriano Zumbo High Tea Event at the Geelong Food and Wine Show.

The Velvet Lily team is indeed unbelievably creative and they have a farm in Red hill - which is a beautiful part of Victoria where they grow some of their gorgeous fresh flowers...their ideas and input into the forthcoming creations for the events are nothing but awe inspiring.

Not to mention they are a lovely lot at Velvet Lily.

I am writing this as I have just spoken to them and they have just done the most amazing wedding table centrepiece and I am incredibly super excited...I get so excited when I see something that is so creative and beautiful.

Here is some of their amazing work..I can't wait to show you their arrangements soon...(All images sourced from Velvet Lily, links to photographers and stylists on Velvet Lily) here 

From PS I Love you flowers by Velvet Lily

Flowers by Velvet Lily photography by Rhonda Scott Boutique Photography

Flowers by Velvet Lily photography by Wildberry Studio and Design

From their farm in Redhill

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  1. Oh my these are all so VERY beautiful.... Makes me want to get Married all over again... :)