May 7, 2012

A Bug Party on a Budget by Candy Chic

Kristy from Candy Chic sent me this party this was part of the Spaceships and Laserbeams boys bash on a budget challenge....Kristy explains...."We only had a budget of $50, and we could also use anything we already had or could borrow. Most of my budget went on the food and the other things I purchased other than the food was the plastic bugs and the paper straws. I made everything myself, except the donuts which were store bought"

 Desserts included:
- bug guts jelly
- white choc raspberry caterpillers
 -dragonfly cookies
-  ant covered cakepops
- ant hill of donuts
-spiderweb pretzels dirt parfaits vanilla cupcakes larvae marshmallows witchity grubs All printables by Spaceships and Laserbeams.

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