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Oct 9, 2012

Chilli, Chilly or Chili under the Oak Tree A Gorgeous Dessert and Savoury Table by Blooms Designs Online

For us her in Aus = In some parts of the US they use a variant of the word Chilli and it is widely known as Chili.

When Jenny from Blooms Designs Online sent us this "Chili under the Oak Tree" we thought it was gorgeous and she was using the word as a clever pun, Chilly under the Oak Tree with her serving delicious Chili to her guests - wish I was there, I love Chilli :)  and a beautiful Desserts Station aswell! just gorgeous! 



As told by Jenny from Blooms Designs Online

In the back of my property is an amazing oak field so I thought it would be fun to host a chili (or chilly) under the oaks party to celebrate our fabulous fall weather and to give thanks to some amazing friends in my life. We brought is 15 bale of hay and 2 fire pits. For dinner, I made 3 different kinds of chili and served it with potatoes, salad, corn bread, bread bowls and all the fixings! Dessert featured a SMORE BAR with chocolate, vanilla and strawberry marshmallows, milk, dark and cookies and creme chocolate bars and lots of add-ins. I also served other harvest inspired desserts and in a tan color scheme which including salted caramel macaroons, mini apple pies, mini cheese cakes, pecan bars and caramel chex mix. The cupcakes were sinckerdoodle which I topped with a fondant acorn. Imagine my delight when I stumbed across the acorn cookie cutter in my baking drawer! For favors, I made late night snack boxes for guest to fill with treats. Party Styling, food and photography- http://bloomdesignsonline.com






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