Feb 14, 2011

Grey or Gray and a bit of Silver

image chateau de moissac via Greige Design

Image Source via bahrainidiva.blogspot
I love the colour grey, to me it's soft and soothing - with the addition of silver it adds that touch of glamour. Whilst I was gathering up all these photos for the post, I remembered how much I loved Mrs A in the Cove's post on yellow and a touch of grey.  Also wearing grey is a nice alternative to black,  I seem wear alot of black, particularly in Melbourne, so will be looking for grey cape coat for this coming winter!

Roche Bobois image source via Bahraini Diva

Image Source Roche Bobois via Bahraini Diva here
Image Source Roche Bobois via Bahraini Diva
Image source via Jeanee Duvall from French by Design

Sourced via Jeanee Duvall :  Kate Szabone Rings from Etsy.com here

From Bellejoie.com
Ashley Goforth from House of Turquoise
Ashley Goforth from House of Turquoise
Things Past Necklace seen via Jeanee Duvall  from Anthropologie.com
Image Sourced via Bryn Alexandra Blogspot
From Decorpad.com
From So Cute Things from here
Image Source via  here
Birdy Num Num Mobile on Driftwood from here
Source here
Ikea  Tygsoffor chair
Emily Johnston Anderson Photography featured on Desire to Inspire
Beautiful Cake by My Sweet and Saucy
Image Source via Luxe + Lillies  here

Emily Johnston Anderson featured on Desire to Inspire
From Sparklethots.com
Dwell Studio Peacock Dove Bedding Set
Grey Coat from A California Baby $55 from here
Silver Clutch from Etsy here

(2 above the  bedroom image sourced via Little Sooti Blog)


  1. Love this combination of colors..gorgeous and inspirational images as always louise:)xx

  2. Coming via HolaMamablog and happy to discover your wonderful blog! I am also a mother of 4 :)

  3. Beautiful images! When played smartly, gray and silver color combination makes a really powerful statement. Have a lovely day, Kellie xx