Mar 4, 2011

Friday Favourites..

Glass Candlesticks $39.99  from here online...I was born in  India, grew up  and visited  many places including  Turkey,  Mauritius, Seychelles, Madagascar, Hong Kong, Lebanon,  Indonesia, Solomon Islands, Fiji, UK, often living in these places for 3 years or more with Dad's work as a Diplomat, some of the people, houses and landscapes, events & cocktail parties were the most amazing places and people I have ever met, the locals were the most gorgeous and loving people in particular, the french style of some of the beautiful houses in Mauritius were amazing, the Indian, French, South Pacific and the Turkish homewares influences are seen in my parents house to this day and Mum often had the responsibility of decorating the High Commission Homes in furniture that was Australian made and designed. Dinner Parties at our house were beautiful affairs with creative desserts, for instance a pink mousse in a pastry birdcage, dad used to make puff pastry swans - he loved to cook . My Dad used to take me to the local Markets and the wares were out of this world, the locals were fantastic characters and my dad had a true passion for furniture and antiquities from different countries, I used to love going around the markets and local shops with him. I am ever grateful that they gave me a passion for creative things. I am also grateful that they took me on their postings, always ensured that my brother and I remained grounded, down to earth and always respectful of different cultures and to this day I have kept friendships with wonderful people from all these corners of the world.

49.99 from here
Jeff Leatham floral styling, I love the sidewards style he does with flowers..
Lou Lou Events,  very talented duo from Sydney..
rue magazine
Rue Magazine
Vue Globe from Myer to go into Mr 9's room with the Johnny Two Tone Club Poster and the retro lamp read here 

Source little lovables blog
From Elephantine.typepad
Am loving all the event styling from Lou Lou Events
Lou Lou Events

Chandelier in the Kitchen from "Me Oh My" Blog
from Sweet Berry Me in Etsy
from decorology blog

 Little Greennotebook blog
Rue Magazine
Rue Magazine
From you are my
From Graham and Green

Carolyn Quartermaine home in France source here
Egg Bot from!

I love Carolyn Quartermaine via Vogue

From Graham and Green

Graham and Green UK

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