Mar 3, 2011

A night in pictures..

I love when you go out in Melbourne you garner lots of inspiration in terms of interiors and even inspiration for events...the girls and I went out to Bar Idda for dinner the other night in Lygon Street Brunswick - Sicilian Restaurant with great music, beautiful food to share and loved it more about Bar Idda & pic source from  here
Littlebig was too busy eating and enjoying friends company to take photos here but thanks to Melbourne Gastronome  who took some fantastic photos and has a great write up of Bar Idda see above

Melbourne Gastronome

Then went to see Passenger at the East Brunswick Club, dreamy English singer singing my favourite song atm Unicorns.. haven't seen a band in ages! pre the munchkins!

After Seeing Passenger we went to Mr Wilkinson in Brunswick Street, great interior
source pic from Broadsheet Melbourne
Mr Wilkinson Source photo Simon Schluter via The Age
Source Design Files Mr Wilkinson painted Wall.
Mr Wilkinson Exterior from Design Files
Mr Wilkinson in Lygon Street, East Brunswick..
Source Design Files
Source Design Files
I love the hidden spots that you find in Melbourne and all the style inspiration you get from interiors of the Restaurants, Cafes and Bars..Have you been to any inspiring cafes, restaurants and bars, ones that when you walk in have a wow factor or ones that you feel really comfortable in or ones that you simply love the food, coffee and the general ambiance..

Here is some beautiful photos of others..

Sushi E - George Street, Sydney source here


Source Pink Wallpaper 

Sola, 12 rue de l'Hôtel Colbert 75005 Source

The Craft Hotel Buenos Aires source
The Crown and Crumpet in San Franciso source here

pane e acqua, milan source
Nobis Hotel | Claesson Koivisto Rune source ArchDaily

Cafe Moo source
Yucca Lounge, Shanghai source pic from
Source from Wood Wool Stool

From Lonny Mag Blog

Market Lane Coffee  from Design Files
Theurel & Thomas, Maison du Macaron pic source
W Retreat & Spa, Vieques Island source
Restaurant source Lazarorosaviolan
The Lotus Restaurant Sydney source here
Cielito Querido Café, México source
Hotel DeBrett, Auckland, New Zealand source
Source Poppy Talk Blogspot

Rooftop Bar Chicago

Mad Cow Restaurant at the Ivy  Sydney

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