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Nov 12, 2017

Pirate Party by Karyn from Peekabooparties.au

Karyn from Peekabooparties.au styled this gorgeous Pirate party for her son as told by Karyn: "My son Jake is completely obsessed with Pirates so I wanted to create the ultimate Pirate party for his 3rd Birthday.  I started by making a sail for the backdrop using wood, rope and muslin.  I found an old toy box in an op shop and used this as the base and filled it with all types of ‘treasure’ and pirate paraphernalia. I lay the table with hessian and scattered it with ‘sand’ (raw sugar) and gold chocolate coins.  I filled jars with more of the raw sugar and used these to hold up marshmallow pops and fruit sticks. I painted little hessian bags with red crosses so they looked like treasure bags and also made a fruit pirate ship out of watermelon (you can find instructions on Pinterest).
In another area I made a station for each child to collect their hand made treasure maps, eye patches, pirate bandanas, pirate whistles and telescopes.
Standout food items were oreo gold coins, rice crispy treasure chests, pirate cake pops and pirate faces which I made out of mini baby belle cheeses.
Activities for the day included digging for treasure with spades in buckets full of rice bubble ‘sand’, my husband dressing up as a pirate and doing a magic show, pirate arts and crafts and ‘walking the plank’ in our garden"