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Dec 15, 2010

Hot Chocolate Sticks and Little Sooti, perfect for "the night before Christmas"

I love these hot chocolate sticks..can you tell I am a chocolate addict!!!, perfect for the night before Christmas - with the tree lights on,  sipping a nice cup of hot chocolate with these sticks dipped in them, just yummy! or to have with your coffee first thing on Christmas morning when the kids have gotten everyone up at some ungodly hour to open the presents!!!!

Miss 6 and I are going to have a try  at these...they would make lovely little gifts for friends too, place them in gorgeous gift boxes I found at Little Sooti, also the wooden cutlery perfect for the hot chocolate sticks and wrap the boxes in the red twine from Little Sooti.. Voila! Joyeux Noelxxx

Source Givers Log here

Givers Log here

Givers Log here

Ikea Silicone baking tray source seen in Givers Log  here

Givers Log

Source: Sprinkle Bakes which is here Little Sooti here in Australia has these spoons here

Source Cook Studio

Source from Eliza Domestica which is here

An easy to follow recipe is here at saving your green

Source: Saving Your Green

Source Saving Your Green

$1.50 each

Place them in Gift Treat Boxs from Little Sooti which is here

Whilst you are there look at these gorgeous wooden christmas trees below  for $3.50 each you will find them here

then wrap the boxes up with your hot chocolate sticks in them with this gorgeous red twine above also from Little Sooti which is $9.95 from here

and finally add some French Christmas Tags from Mulberry Muse on Madeit.com.au which is here

Source Country Living

Source Living Etc which is here

Source: Home Designing Christmas Decoration which is here

Source: Living Etc which is here

Below Picture Home Interiors online

Picture below is sourced from Singso.com which is designed by Alta Moda which is here

Walther and Co's christmas decorations read more about them at Bright Bazaar

 Picture from Home Interiors Online I like the Glasses with the Sprigs in them

Source Little Sooti- I love the wrapping and her tree have a look Little Sooti

Source from Living Etc which ishere
 Source Little Sooti's Christmas Tree which is here
Source Farmhouse Wares

 Source House and Home
 Source: Martha Moments
Source: Country Living

Personalised Baubles using cake toppers find them here here


  1. What a gorgeous post Louisa. They look so yummy and simple to make. I am going to give them a go myself this weekend. Thanks so much for sharing and your sweet words about my new website..oxoxox


  2. Thanks also for your words about mine. I gave some hot cocoa on a stick to my son's preschool teacher in a nice cup, with a couple pieces of biscotti. That was her Christmas gift. I added the hot cocoa on stick, some fudge, and biscotti in a little box for a cute goodie box for a special Christmas gift.

    I will be posting the biscotti recipe soon. Thanks again. I love the awesome pictures, gives a girl so much inspiration! I will be following you!


  3. OOoo can't wait until the Biscotti recipe too, might have to post about it! I love Biscotti!