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Aug 29, 2012

Purple Themed Party by The Velvet Lily Florist

The girls at Velvet Lily Florist styled this gorgeous birthday party for their client Tiarne, who was turning the big 21. The Purple/Lavender colour palette was chosen by the birthday girl, and we opted for a touch of silver for a little extra glamour. The room was filled with fresh cut flowers, clusters of tissue pompoms and paper lanterns, balloons, candles and the dessert station. Purple cocktails, lavender champagne and alcohol infused Gummy Bears were enjoyed as well …definitely an adult party!

The sweet treats on the dessert station included Oreo Cake Pops, a classic three -tiered chocolate mud cake frosted with fading purpled frosting , Jelly Beans, swirly Lollipops, Swizzle Sticks, Grape Clouds, Milk Chocolates, and Bon Bons.

Each of the guests was given a ‘Recovery Water’ bottle which was the topic of conversation for the evening.

Concept/Design/Styling: Velvet Lily Florist
Photography by: Photography by Hayley Holness
Balloons/Lolly Jars/Pompoms / Lanterns: Velvet Lily Florist
Swizzle Sticks/Paper Straws/Lanterns: Little Big Company 
Rosettes/Water Bottle Printable Inspiration: The Pretty Blog 

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