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Nov 11, 2012

Spring Blossom Party by Penny Lane Studio

Penny Lane Studio styled a Spring Blossom Party for her daughter, as told by the lovely Nicole "Being spring, the party took place beneath the blooming buds of the Old Apple tree in the kitchen garden of our old cottage (I was watching the tree from the kitchen for weeks to see whether it would blossom :)). Of course given the location, it was a chance for me to indulge in my love for vintage styling :). The cake is a polka dot cake, when cut it reveals pretty pink polkadots inside. Being mostly adults, guests were given White Choc and Cranberry Cookie Jars, with the ingredients to bake at home. The recipe being shared from the fabulous Bronnie at Bronnie Bakes http://bronniebakes.com/"

Styling and Printables: Penny Lane Studio http://www.facebook.com/pennylanedesignstudio 
Doily Spoons, Cake Bunting, Mini Paper Bunting, Lace Doily Cones, by my other baby, Red Elephant Creative http://www.facebook.com/redelephantcreative 
Cookies are by Karyn at Gifted Creations http://www.facebook.com/karynsgiftedcreations 

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