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May 22, 2016

Mother's day picnic by Arimi Asai from Daydressing

 This is a picnic party for Mother's day at one of the largest parks in Tokyo styled by Arimi.  Where kids were able to create special bouquets from  a flower buffet and then they prepared special  message cards. Kids and Moms also enjoyed taking photos at photo booth specially made for this party.

Arimi ASAI (day dressing)  info@day-dressing.com http://www.day-dressing.com/ 

Vendor’s List 
Planner  day dressing (Arimi ASAI) http://www.day-dressing.com/ 
Food    day dressing http://www.day-dressing.com/ Cake   day dressing  http://www.day-dressing.com/ Balloons Buddy Door http://buddydoor.com/ Paper items   Glitter Party Styling  http://www.glitterpartystyling.com/ Photographer  Soichiro Kosuga  

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